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Green New Deal

Our current mode of production and consumption in Europe is unsustainable - we are using and losing our natural resources at a startling rate. The crisis in Europe is adding to this, increasing inequality and environmental damage. Instead of propping up this outdated and exploitative economy, we Greens want to rethink its very foundations. Our response is a Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal proposes a new economic and industrial model - one that can reduce our ecological footprint as it reduces social inequalities. We don't want a narrow vision of economic growth. We want to put the people and the planet first. Our lives are more than just GDP figures. We want to improve Europe's quality of life, today and tomorrow.

We want a Green industrial transformation. We want to restructure how we do things, towards a low-carbon economy focused in sustainable products and services. Sustainable energy and careful management of our resources will give us an efficient industry worthy of the 21st century.

Europe needs Green jobs. A Green economy will provide decent opportunities. To steer this change, we Greens will work with industry to providing funding for research and development and to promote Green entrepreneurship.

Our economic recovery and future competitiveness depends on sustainable industrial policies. Reinhard Bütikofer is fighting for a Green industrial renaissance throughout Europe. Philippe Lamberts is pushing for ambitious funding for research, with particular support for SMEs.

How can we reduce our dependency on fossil fuel? Where should we direct our funding for innovative new industries? How will our post-growth society look?

Help us make Europe's economy Greener, fairer and more sustainable. Join our campaign and vote Green in 2014!