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European Green Party

Green PartyThe European Green Party is a transnational political party having as its members Green parties from European countries (although not necessarily from European Union member states). Parties can also become candidates and associates. The most important bodies of the EGP are the Council and the Committee. 

Council is made up 120 representatives of member parties. These are allotted on the basis of their most recent European or national election results. Each party has at least two delegates. It is responsible for political affairs between congresses and it decides over organizational matters, such as the election of committee, the application of members and associates and candidates of the European Green Party. 

The Committee consists of nine members elected by the member parties, including two spokespersons (one man and one woman) and a secretary-general. They are responsible for daily political affairs, the execution of the council's decisions and the activities of the secretariat.

The EGP offers the possibility to form regional networks such as Balkan Network, and thematic networks such as the Gender Network and the Network of Green European Seniors. More information on the specific networks can be found on EGP networks.Working Groups are also formed of persons nominated by the parties to address specific policy issues and to present policy papers for approval by the Council.

You can follow our activities on this website, but also through our social media sites, Facebook and Twitter.

Financial information
The EGP have an obligation to openess and transparency. Therefore we publish the budget, accounts and auditor's reports on our website. This is provided to the public in the same format as it is provided to the European Parliament.